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Nick Delmatto in Blown Glass Studio
Delmatto Blown Glass Studio
32201 Logan Horns Mill Rd.
Logan, Ohio 43138
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Picture of part of the process of blowing glass


Delmatto Blown Art Glass Studio is owned and operated by Nick Delmatto in the Hocking Hills near Logan in Southeastern Ohio. Nick has 50+ years experience starting in 1970 at Kent State University studying with Henry Halem.

Venture into a realm where molten glass comes alive, as Nick masterfully applies hot color to clear glass, shaping and blowing without the use of molds or assistance. Each creation is signed and dated and is a testament to his passion and skill, resulting in stunning blown and solid decorative glass pieces, all crafted by his own hands. Everything from his shop is made with his own hands. Blown and solid decorative glass pieces available.

Chalcedony Vases

These vases are made from a mix of metal oxides & chlorides melted with the glass and are usually 6” to 9” in height.  The forms can be classic, cylindrical, flattened, or asymmetrical.

These are example pieces. Please write or call (740) 385-8036 for availability.

Calcedony Vase

2nd Chalcedony Vase


Paperweights are 3 to 5 different colors encased under a layer of clear glass and are from 2” to 3” diameter. Bottoms are polished. Please write or call 740-385-8036 for jpgs & availability.

Beautiful Blown Glass Paper Weights

Night Lights

Sculptural Night Lights are 5" to 12" in height. Each one is unique. An LED light, wood base & wall plug adapter are included with each piece. Please write or call 740-385-8036 for jpgs & availability.

Sculpural Night Light


Sculptural Nightlight

Photo Gallery of Nick Delmatto's amazing blown glass creations.
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